Orlando Errand Service

An exclusive Orlando Florida based Errand Service

Thank you for choosing Orlando Errand Service. We are a licensed mobile errand service operating throughout the Orlando, Florida vicinity.

Orlando Errand Service offers a wide variety of reputable errand services delivered directly right to your hotel concierge desk or resort door. We provide local pickup services of balloons, cakes and flowers to be delivered directly to your special occasion.

We also provide luggage to be delivered locally from one resort to another, golf clubs delivered locally to tee times, local delivery of lost or left items in #VacationClub room.

The Orlando Errand Service difference is that we are a top-notch family based business which strives on perfection and attention-to-detail. If you are vacationing at one of Orlando’s many exciting and thrilling #ThemeParks we provide that peace-of-mind knowing that another family is selecting and delivering your fresh deli meats, fruits & vegetables and cold refreshments.

We are currently offering many other errand services to meet and exceed your expectations so please email us at: Orlerrandservice@gmail.com

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